Packing for a holiday can be stressful, particularly if you leave it to the last minute. However, there are multiple online checklists and tips and tricks to help you ensure you have everything you need for your trip. But what about packing your children’s suitcases? With additional outfits as well as nappies and other essentials needed, it can be difficult to ensure that you have everything you need for everyone. So before organising your EHIC application and hopping on the next flight, allow us to show you some of the must-have items you should pack in your child’s suitcase.

Coat/ Hoodie 

When travelling with children, you need to be prepared for anything. Therefore, it is important to bring a coat or a hoodie in the car or suitcase to ensure that your child has the protection that they need at every point throughout the trip. This is particularly useful if you are travelling to a location within the UK as the weather can be temperamental and could leave you unprepared. This can either be worn as you travel or rolled up and stored in a suitcase. 

Clothes To Last The Trip

In addition to a coat or jacket, it is also vital to ensure that you have enough clothes to last them the entire trip. If you know that your child is particularly messy, you should pack extra in their suitcase to ensure that they have what they need as well as spares to enjoy the holiday without the need for washing them during the trip.

Spare Underwear Or T-shirts 

Spare t-shirts are also beneficial when spending time away, however, they can take up additional space. One of the ways that you can get around this is to roll spare clothes and place them in the door of the suitcase. This can then be used in case of an emergency or can always be used if the family decide to go on a night out in a restaurant to ensure your dressed to impress.  

Favourite Teddy/ Blanket 

If your child is a particularly nervous flyer or you have a tough time getting them to relax in the car, you can bring a teddy or a blanket to calm them down. This is a technique that can work with small children to keep them feeling comfortable. These home comforts either smell like their room or smell like another family member allowing them to relax and feel comfortable as a result. 

Toothbrush And Toothpaste 

The final element in your child’s suitcase is a toothbrush and toothpaste. Though it can be challenging to get your children to brush at the best of times, allowing them to pick their own brush and toothpaste can encourage them to use them and make brushing fun. By rewarding them with stickers or small gifts throughout the holiday, this will help to keep their teeth healthy and encourage a skill that they can take home with them. This can be placed either in your washbag or in a washbag of their own, allowing them to be just like their parents as they travel.  

Whether you are hopping on a flight and travelling to the USA or you are going on a road trip to the south or the north of the country, there are a number of ways that you can pack your child’s suitcase, making travel fun for them and far less stressful for you. Where will you begin?